Elyctis Secure Document Readers
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Headquartered in Pertuis, France, Elyctis specializes in the development of hardware - desktop & OEM - and software dedicated to working with Secure Identity Documents (e-passport, e-ID card, e-driver license, ...). The company, created in 2008, has a longstanding expertise in eID projects, as well as hardware and software developments and is both able and willing to customise its products for specific applications.

New! IDBOX One
Desktop Compact Readers
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E-Document Reader

With the ID BOX ONE e-document verification is quick, easy and most importantly accurate. It is suitable for applications where a full-page scan is not required - airline & hotel check in, identity confirmation when opening bank accounts or car rental etc. In addition to supporting the reading of the machine readable zone (MRZ) and e-documents based on contactless RFID technologies, the ID Box One also supports contact smart card based e-documents, with biometric sensors optional.
  • Unique Advantage - Compact and innovative shape that enables the reading of any eID BAC protected document in a single movement, simplifying use, and increasing throughput.
  • All in one design supporting OCR, RFID, Contact Smartcard & Biometric technologies
  • Cost effective solution for applications that require identity authentication e.g. airline and hotel check-in, banking, car rental ...
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